Kukri Knives for Sale in USA

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We’d like to invite you to the world of Nepal’s famed Kukri knives. You’ve likely heard about the valiant legends of Nepal and India’s Gurkha tribe. None of these legends can be complete without mentioning their excellent Kukri knife, after all. The Kukri, just like a machete, is a long blade with several functions, although it is most commonly utilized as a battle weapon.

The soldiers in the Nepalese Army and the Royal Gurkha Rifles of the British Army, along with the Assam Regiment, the Assam Rifles, the Gorkha Regiment, and the Gorkha Rifles of the Indian Army, all use Kukri as one of their weapons of choice. It has a magnificent past and remains one of the most vital aspects of Nepalese culture and its environs.

Kukri Knife Features

The Kukri is a Nepalese knife that may be found in every Gurkha family throughout the country, as well as in many of India’s seven northeastern states. Just like a machete, a Kukri knife is quite long, at about 16 to 18 inches, and weighs about 450 to 900 grams.

The main distinction between the two is that the blade in a Kukri is forward-curved rather than straight, has a singular cutting edge, and a groove close to the handle. Because the Kukri is a battle weapon, the groove prevents blood from dripping onto the user’s palm and making them slippery.

Why Should You Buy Kukri Knife

A Kukri Knife is an ancient fighting weapon Despite the fact that it is used for a variety of purposes and is found in practically every Nepalese or Assamese home, it is still regarded as a combat weapon with a long and illustrious past.

Aside from military employment, the Kukri is also used for clearing, chopping firewood, construction, and slicing vegetables and meat. In Nepalese culture, they are also a component of numerous traditions.

The kukri is an extremely useful knife. It can function as a smaller knife, an axe, or even a shovel. If you want to add a kukri knife to your collection, you may easily find one for sale in the United States with us.

Perkin Knives, USA, offers a variety of Kukri knives and accessories, including the Kukri sword blade, Kukri sheath, and military-grade Kukri. All of these are made with the highest-quality raw materials that we source from the most authentic sources.