Camping Knives USA

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Do you enjoy hiking and backpacking? Are you a thrill-seeker? Do you intend to go vehicle camping or participate in any other daring outdoor activity?

You may never know what might lie on the other edge of the cliff — a walking rampage, a dangerous wild animal, or something else. Thus, a camping knife is a necessity in the wild. We’re sure you’d want to take a camping knife if you’re a minimalist seeking a compact, robust, and exciting trip. You can enjoy sleeping underneath the moonlight and stars with your survival tool conveniently stored in your pocket.

Perkin Knives offers a diverse selection of camping knives in the United States. Our camping knives are lightweight, sharp, and have a perfect handle length. They are made with high-quality Damascus steel and crafted using historic techniques. Knives ranging in size from 5 inches to 11 inches (which includes both the blade length and the handle) are available.

Camping Knife Features

Size does count when it comes to picking the appropriate camping knife. However, with too long a blade, you will be unable to use it efficiently. The most popular length for a camping knife is considered to be between 9 and 11 inches.

A good camping knife will have a blade made of high-quality steel that will resist corrosion, keep a sharp edge, and could be sharpened with ease. When it comes to tougher steel, it can retain an edge longer but is more prone to rust and sharpening difficulty. A softer steel is more corrosion resistant and quicker to sharpen, but it does not retain an edge effectively.

That’s why we at Perkin Knives use Damascus Stainless Steel, high-quality steel perfect for both these purposes.

Why Should You Have Knives for Camping Tour?

When organizing a car camping trip or other daring outdoor activity, nothing is more necessary than a camping knife as a piece of survival equipment. Self-defense with a camping knife is effective against either humans or animals. You can do everything from carving wood to searching for food with a sharp knife. So, here’s a list of things you can do with a camping knife from the house of Perkin knives on your next camping trip for heavy duty tasks such as:

A camping knife works as a survival weapon when you’re out in the dark trekking through the wilderness, surrounded by bushes and tall trees.
It can be used as a multi-purpose tool for safety, to cut prunes for a walkway, and to chop fruits, flesh, and vegetables.