Carbon Steel Knives USA

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Carbon steel is simple to sharpen and maintains its sharpness for a long time, even when used often. This is why carbon steel blades outlast their equivalents.

Perkin Knives offers a comprehensive range of high-quality carbon steel folding knives made in the United States to fit every taste and budget. You can select from a variety of blade types and designs offered in our online store or have one custom-made to match your needs.

A carbon steel blade is made to slash through shrubs, slice flesh, and prepare fuel for a campfire. However, it is capable of handling any task, from peeling to razing, and can also come in handy in the event of an animal assault. Carbon steel knives are lightweight and adaptable, and they can handle a variety of hunting and trekking needs, in addition to being a great kitchen knife.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting pocket knife in the United States, our carbon steel blade knives can be a good option. Our carbon steel pocket knives all have stainless blades, and the blade length is ideal for a variety of applications, including the kitchen and the outdoors.

We also pay special attention to finding and employing the most durable handle material. The goal is for you to be able to trust our pocket knives, from the blade steel to the long-lasting handle material.

How Do These Carbon Steel Pocket Knives Help You?

Carbon steel pocket knives are widely used in harsh environments where durability and strength are required. Survival/camping knives and swords usually have carbon steel blades. They maintain a razor-sharp edge and are extremely simple to sharpen.

Carbon steel blades retain their sharpness longer than stainless steel blades. As a result, carbon steel knives make excellent kitchen knives. Carbon steel knives maintain their edge longer than stainless steel blades because they are tougher.

Perkin Knives is proud to offer the finest carbon steel knives available in the United States. We also include a leather sheath with every knife we sell, saving you money on aftermarket purchases.