Bowie Knife for Sale UK - Fixed Blade Bowie Knives

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A bowie knife can do the job of multiple hunting tools. When you have a bowie knife, you do not need separate tools for skinning the carcass and slicing the meat.

Perkin Knives is a reputed supplier of fixed blade bowie knives in the UK. With an extensive variety and exquisite designs on offer, we give our customers not just a product but also the experience backing it. If you are looking for a bowie knife with a full tang, you need not look further than Perkin Knives. Our wide selection of bowie knives for sale in the UK has everything that you are after.

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Bowie Knife for Sale UK-wide

Buying bowie knife in the UK is as simple as clicking the mouse-button. When you buy from us, you will get authentic products at the best price, since we, as a manufacturer, deal directly with the customers and there’s no middleman involved. We offer free UK-wide shipping on orders that qualify minimum purchasing amount. For our overseas customers, we try to keep shipping charges minimum and make sure the package reaches safely and timely.
We sell bowie knife with sheath to let you enjoy the ease of storage and transportation. We advise you against buying after-market sheath for your bowie knife – mainly because of two reasons. First of all, after-market sheaths aren’t authentic, and even if they are, they are sold for a jacked up price. Secondly, you are least likely to find the right fit for your bowie knife. So, why go through all these hassles when Perkin Knives is your one-stop destination for all kinds of knives and sheaths?

Why Should You Buy a Full Tang Bowie Knife with Sheath?

If you are a knife enthusiast, you might have heard a lot about full tang knives. There’s plenty of information and ongoing discussions on whether or not to choose full tang knives. After reading through several passing opinions on the internet, you are left to feel equal parts convinced and confused. But we, as a manufacturer of hunting knives and survival knives, assure you that you can never go wrong with a full tang knife. A full tang knife runs the length of the handle, which makes it more reliable and less likely to separate from the handle.
Perkin Knives guarantees the best quality knives at a reasonable price. Further, we always maintain enough inventory so that you do not have to wait until your favourite knife comes back in stock.

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