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Spring Assisted Knives UK

Perkin Knives provides you with myriads of options when it comes to buying folding knives and Pocket Knives in the UK for survival or hunting expeditions. You even get a choice of blade for folding knife. Not all folding knife have more than one blade, but many do. However, if you choose the right hunting blade, you shouldn’t need more than one. You will come across a number of options in terms of folding knife sheaths, for example, leather, nylon, etc.

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Our pocket knives are spring-assisted, which is a useful feature that springs the knife completely open even if you manually open the blade just a few degrees.

Tactical Folding Knives

At Perkin Knives, we design our tactical folding knives ergonomically so that they feel comfortable in your hand. There are no pinch points, sharp corners or unnatural feel to the handle. Also, they feel that way in both forward and reverse grip. The over-pronounced finger grooves force your hand into a pre-fixed position. We make use of the best quality stainless steel to design the blades of our tactical folding knives. Interestingly, they are even capable of cutting other steels.

Folding Pocket Knives in the UK at Competitive Prices

We at Perkin Knives have got an excellent history of selling folding knives in the UK at low costs. You have the option of choosing between a fixed blade and a folding blade. Also, there are a number of fixed hunting knives out there that allow you to change out the blade. You can use only one blade at a time, but you can carry a selection with you. Go for a fixed blade design if you are a serious hunter and looking for a dedicated hunting knife. On the other hand, if you hunt occasionally and will bring in use the knife for other purposes, and prefer carrying it in your pocket, you should buy a flexible blade design.

Is it legal to carry a Pocket Knife?

You will come across a wide range of outdoor spring-assisted knives with us at Perkin Knives. A spring assisted knife, also known as an assisted opening knife, is a knife that springs open only after the blade is slightly pushed open with force. As the user begins opening up the blade with a thumb stud or flipper lever, which has some resistance, the spring or torsion bar catches the knife and propels it open where it locks into place. These knives are considered in uk legal pocket knives and can be easily available.

If you are looking out for a beautiful french pocket knife which is not just long lasting but also robust, then you may look forward to buying the Damascus steel knife by Perkins which is handmade. With an overall 7 inches length which has a 3 inch bone handle, the knife looks fabulous due to the wavy texture of the Damascus steel.

If you wish to buy pocket knives at a cheap price, then we, at Perkin Knives, have got you covered. At our store, you’ll get the best folding knives in the UK. That is not all, we also have pen knives, outdoor pocket knife, wood handle pocket knife, flip knives, etc.

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