Karambit Knives UK

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Karambit knives are a well known, pointed knives that are not really big in size, maybe three to four inches which has a curved blade, looking like a claw. Karambit is a small knife, originated in SouthEast Asia and have since then become a part of many cultures both in the East and West. Before being weaponized, the Karambit knife was majorly used for agricultural purposes like planting rice, raking roots and gathering threshing. As and when it became more of a weapon, the knife started to get more curved to maximise the cutting potential while in such situations.it is its curved blade, like a claw which makes it distinguished.

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What is Karambit Knife?

A South East Asian origin knife, the Karambit is a comparatively small knife, looking like a claw of an animal, particularly tiger, according to the legends. Karambit knives are small, curved knives, which can be used for both criminal confrontations and regular knife activities like hiking, hunting, camping, gutting, fishing, agricultural implementations, and self defense. These knives are also a pro in doing activities that only karambit style knives can do such as tearing, slicing, hooking and other such things. Karambit knife has been a part of the culture since many centuries and have been related to historical legends or peasant struggles in Asia.

Features of Karambit Knives

Karambit knives are traditional to southeast asia but are now available all over the world. They are smaller than many regular knives, and are too curved, almost resembling a claw. Karambits are sharp knives which can be used for both agricultural purposes, or hiking and fun activities and also for criminal activities. The karambits have a lot of regional variants depending on the length of the blade. Modern karambit knives can also have spines or spurs on the front or rear ricasso which help in handling the knife well while in use. They may also have folding blades, high standard finish, various textures and designs with different kinds of blades unlike the rudimentary original knives.

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