Damascus Steel Scissors

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We use high-quality damascus steel in creating a variety of scissors. Damascus steel is used in every item from kitchen tools to jewelry. The reason behind this is the beauty and strength of this steel.

The world’s best scissors are created from damascus steel that because of the flexibility and strength of damascus steel. You can use damascus steel tool as roughly as you need and it will still remain in a great condition. Therefore, it’s an investment both of your money and time. If you are looking for a new scissor or a complete set, we can definitely help you.

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Handmade Steel Scissors

The reason why people get initially attracted to handmade damascus steel scissors because they are pretty, timeless, high-quality and highly useful tool. Anyone who buys a scissor wants it to be sharp for an extended period. When you select a well-made best quality damascus steel scissors, it will stay sharp much longer as compared to the most production quality scissors. That doesn’t mean you will never need to sharpen your scissor, but you are more likely to do it a lot less often.

Features of Steel Scissors

Perkin Knives has designed these beautiful handmade steel scissors specifically for barbers, outdoor and domestic use. These handmade scissors is made by using high quality damascus steel, which gives this tool its unique beauty. It has outstanding edge durability and is designed for all types of hair. They are available in 7 inches size and each blade length is 3 inch.
On the other hand, our handmade cigar cutter is a piece of art and something you will enjoy using. It is also made from damascus steel.

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