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Why you should buy a Damascus steel knife? - Perkin

Damascus steel knives are just awesome. These knives are built to last. The moment you think of cooking, some sepia-tinted images of a long and sharp Damascus knife are bound to come to mind. In all fairness, Damascus knives are just awesome. Ask a chef, and he will tell you that his Damascus knife is the most widely-used piece of equipment in the kitchen. 

Many chefs prefer custom made knives. The idea behind this exercise is: to get a specialised knife that can be used to accomplish a specific task. Usually, chefs have different knives for cutting veggies and cutting/chopping meat. You too can get your own knife made if you want to. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and make your own knife.

Mostly, Damascus knives are used for undertaking cutting, chopping and skinning tasks in the kitchen. But there is a lot more things can be done using a Damascus knife. 

Here is why you need to buy a Damascus knife right away if you happen to be a knife enthusiast:

  • They are more than just knives

A Damascus knife is more than just a knife. This point needs to reiterated 10,000 times. The design of an authentic Damascus knife is the one to die for. You cannot say no to a brand-new Damascus blade if you are a true knife enthusiast. Many chefs and knife enthusiasts get custom-made knives so that they can get a knife they want (as per requirement). These knives are unmatched pieces of craftsmanship. You get it made, own it, and pass it to the next generation. In this way, the story of your Damascus knife keeps getting bigger and better.

  • They are sturdy

Most of the chefs buy Damascus knives simply because of their sturdiness. These knives are solid and will give you years of service. You buy a Damascus blade once and you won’t have to buy another one to replace it for a considerable amount of time. If you are looking for a knife that can withstand the pressures of every use, then you should always go for a Damascus knife. 

  • They look awesome

Ah, not to forget, these Damascus blades look just awesome. As stated earlier, these knives are not just knives but pieces of craftsmanship. These look simply awesome. If you want to make your own knife, then do not forget to get a breathtaking design made ( on the handle or on the blade). Each Damascus knife has a story to tell. Make sure yours is a long one.

Final words

Damascus knives are exceptional. They have everything that a knife needs to have. If you do not like to own machine-made knives, then go for custom-made knives. Get in touch with knife makers and vendors if you wish to make your own knife.

Happy knife shopping...

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