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Which Of These Pocket Knife Patterns Will You Choose? - Perkin

Well, a pocket knife is so handy and versatile you will wonder why don't you keep one with you. If you need to open an envelope, slice an apple, pull a staple at your office desk, borehole in a soft material, cut a wire, prune the leaves, fillet a small wish or protect yourself, a pocket knife is an answer for all. The law in the UK allows you to carry non-locking pocket knives with a blade length of up to 3 inches without mentioning the reason behind it. There are many valid and good reasons for you to carry

UK-Legal Pocket Knives and use them. If you want to join the list of pocket knife holders, here are the different patterns you need to look at. Which one will you choose?


The Barlow pocket knife design has perhaps the richest American history. Barlow knives are extremely popular and are one of the most famous designs that several generations throughout history have owned. What makes them so popular? Barlow's design is effortless and inexpensive materials make this folding knife. This

pocket knife is top-rated among collectors and outdoor enthusiasts today.


A canoe knife contains two blades placed opposite each other. One end of the knife includes a wide blade that is designed for fine cutting. The other end has a spear blade attached to it and can be used for some heavy work. Since the spear blade is blunt, it can cut easily without piercing. Additionally, canoe knives are oval, making them super easy to slide in and out of your pocket.


The Whittler knife is a conventional pen knife whose design was inspired by the traditional whittler knife type. This knife is one of the most practical tools used for whittling and scribing tasks on wood. Whittler knives are intensely sharp and can easily cut even the hardest wood. All you need is a whittling knife in your pocket, and you can start to whittle anywhere quickly.


Trapper knives, as the name suggests, contain two big blades that are trapped on the same side. The two blades are often a clip point and a long Spey blade. The clip point end is very sharp and small and is specifically designed for piercing. On the other hand, the Spey blade is blunt and designed mainly for slicing.

Pen Knife

Pen Knife is one of the most popular slip-joint knife types and has two pivoting blades. On one end is a tiny blade, also known as a pen blade, and is generally used for sharpening writing quills. The other end contains a bigger blade that can function as scissors.


The copperhead knife type originated in the early 1990s and is distinguished by its two blades and slightly curved grip. This slight curve prevents the pocket from tearing. Most copperhead knives come with two blades.


Swayback knives are stylish and are mainly used for cutting. You can cut apples, tofu, and almost anything. Apart from that, they were used to repair cotton looms, but they are thought to have existed long before US cotton looms went into significant production.


This classic and robust pocket knife is a folding knife in which a lock behind the handle locks the blade in an extended position. You can release the lock by pressing the lever. Final Words Pen knives are small, handy, come in various patterns, and are multi-purpose. You can understand their functionality and convenience from the fact that they have been in use for over 2000 years. Pocket knives have a mass appeal; many people love owning them as a collection. Visit our exquisite range of custom pocket knives and choose the pattern that suits you the best.

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