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What Is A Machete Knife Used For? - Perkin

Machete knives are versatile and thus are used for a lot of daily usage. Primarily used to cut, Machete knives can also chop things like composting material with the force provided by the upper blade. Here are some very popular usages of Machete knives.

Cutting trails: Machete knives are the best tool to cut and maintain clear trails in the wild. The knife can be swung to cut through tall grass and other vegetation. The knives are also pretty good for clearing out small bushes.

  Chopping compost: Chopping up composting material is one of the primary things that machete knives are used for. Chopping the material helps it to break down faster and makes the compost smoother.


Agricultural usage: Machete knives can be used for both harvesting and removing dead plants. Crops like rye, millet, barley, rice, wheat etc. can be harvested with a machete knife. You can also clear away dead plants and weed with the knife easily. The effortlessness of the knife makes it the ultimate agricultural tool.

Cutting wood: Cutting wood becomes easier with a machete knife. Carving, incising and coppicing of the wood can be done with Machete knives.

Foraging: Machete knives can be used for butchering poultry and livestock. For example, you can cut deer meat into smaller pieces quickly with a machete and make it more manageable. You can also harvest nuts and berries with your machete knife.

Camping: While camping, a machete is a must-have tool. Machete knives make tinder and firewood gathering easier. A machete knife can also be used to clear the campsite. Shelter building becomes effortless with the help of a machete knife.

Hunting and survival: For outdoorsmen/outdoorswomen, machete knives can be a great tool for survival and hunting. Machetes can be used to fend off wounded angry animals and snakes.

Splitting fruits and nuts: Machete knives can provide enough force to split hard coverings and shells of nuts and fruits like Coconuts.

Is a machete considered a knife? Machete is considered to be one of the most versatile knives. In fact, machetes can be used both as a knife and as an axe. Since machetes are used for cutting and chopping, they are rightfully known as a knife. Because of the size of a machete knife, they are categorized as big size knives.

Can you buy a machete in England? Yes, you can actually buy and own a Machete knife legally in England. For good, justified reasons, such as foraging practices, campsite management, and gardening jobs, machete knives can be easily bought in England. However, since these are not self-defence knives, you cannot buy them for the purpose of self-defence and combat.

Are machete knives illegal? Fixed blade or locked blade knives are not illegal in the UK. But you can only carry them with you for justified reasons. So technically, machete knives are not illegal to buy, own, or carry with a justified reason. Especially if you can prove that the reason you own a machete is agricultural, foraging, or camping related, you can legally keep your machete with you. However, if the knife is carried for self-defence in an unjustifiable environment, the bearer can be prosecuted for the same.

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