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What Are Karambit Knives Good For? - Perkin

Traditionally designed as a farming tool, Karambit knives in modern times have become one of the most popular knives to carry around for utility, combat, and self-defence purposes. Karambit knives originated in Indonesia and are characterized by a beautifully curved blade that is usually double-edged. Designed by the Minangkabau tribes of Indonesia, Karambit knives resemble a tiger’s claw. These knives can be used both as utility tools and as tactical tools. Here’s what these knives are good for.

For Utility Karambit knives can be used for various kinds of jobs, tasks, and chores. These jobs might include cutting through things like tapes, ropes, wires, bandages, or heavy fabrics like canvas. Karambit knives can also cut through nylon strappings, ripstop, and many other heavy materials easily. Unlike the straight blades of other knives, Karambit knives have a curved blade that gives a more secure grip. The cutting is more stable as there is no slipping or shifting. The curved blade helps the materials to be parted with the utmost ease. These knives are primarily used by backpackers, hikers, ranchers, medics and paramedics, first responders, etc.

For Tactical use  Karambit knives make amazing tactical knives as well. The knife can be used in combats and for self-defence. Since the blade is bent and the grip is good, the knife will not fly out of the hands of the bearer or hurt the bearer in any situation. Although Karambit knives are great for utility usage, they are supposed to be used as combat knives first and foremost. In encounters, Karambit knives can do massive damage with a very little amount of effort. The sharp and wickedly bent blades of these knives pierce the flesh very easily. Karambit knives can give the human body deeper injuries than any straight blade knife. Since the grip is amazing and effortless, Karambit knives can be used without any gloves. Thus, these knives are a great addition to work kits. The knives aren’t survival knives but the strength and effortlessness of the knife allow one to do precise work with it, which might be needed for survival in some cases. These knives are also one of the most efficient dive knives cutting through lines, hosing, and tubing in a single pass.

Is the karambit the deadliest knife? The curved, double-edged blade of Karambit knives gives it the greatest grip and an incredible ability to pierce through anything and everything. The shape also allows the knife to cut through human flesh with ease without the bearer of the knife having to lose grip. The knife can do massive damage by slicing through arteries in just one go. All these traits of the knife make it one of the deadliest knives, if not handled with proper care.

How much is a karambit in the UK? The sleek and precise design makes Karambit knives the most sought after but rare knives in the UK. This is why these knives can be pretty expensive to buy. You can find these knives anywhere in the range of £22 to £90 in the UK.

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