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Types of knives that can be used for self-defence - Perkin

You cannot afford to take a chance with your safety when staying in the woods. And if you feel the same, then this post is for you!

Whether you are travelling to the woods for the time or the tenth time, you must understand that safety comes first. Since it's unfamiliar territory, you will be faced with several challenges and foes. But a knife by your side can take your survival chances from a zero to a hundred!

Mentioned below are some of our finest picks for survival and self-defence in the woods. Read on!

  1. Hunting knife

A hunting knife is one of the most versatile knives that you can find in the market for your outdoor adventures. 

While most people use it for meal preparation, hunting and other common tasks around the camp, they fail to realise that there is more to the knife. If a hunting knife can be efficiently used to debone your hunt, imagine what it's single blow will do to your opponent. You can easily find several high-end hunting knives for sale in the UK, so shop one today. 

  1. Pocket knife

Next up is the pocket knife. Yes, we know it's not the first pick for self-defence but wait till we tell you its advantage.

A pocket knife is compact, portable and easily accessible. Whenever a wildlife creature attacks you, and you don't have much time to reach your bag, a pocket knife will help you buy some time to escape or fetch your deadly weapon. 

  1. Bowie knife

Purchasing a bowie knife in the UK will never make you regret it. 

Bowie knives are uniquely designed to serve as a smaller version of a machete in the woods, thus making it a deadly weapon you can't afford to skip on. Bowie knives are sharp-edged knives which were originally forged for combat. Carry one to ensure your safety in the forest. 

  1. Karambit

One of the ideal fighting weapons for all times, a Karambit knife will never fail to leave a mark on your opponent. 

Whether it's a wild beast or another human trying to hurt you, a karambit knife can serve as the perfect secret blade that will save your life. It comes in both fixed and folding variants so pick the one that fits the bill for you. 

  1. Kukri

A Nepalese miracle, a Kukri is a perfect replacement for a machete or axe in the woods and will leave your enemy hurt with a single blow. 

A Kukri can be efficiently used for slicing vegetables, meat and even a predator when needed. Its unique design and curved blade ensure incredible grip, thus helping you stay in full control of the weapon throughout the fight. 

Have you found your fit? If yes, then delay no further and get yourself a sharp-edged knife that can be put to several other uses too along with self-defence. Have a fun trip!

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