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Various Kinds of Blades You Must Know About Pocket Knives

Who doesn't love a pocket knife?

They are convenient, portable and make our life easier in so many ways. Whether you need to open a cardboard box that came in the courier or you need to build a fire in the woods, a pocket knife can do it all.

Like other knife varieties, a pocket knife also comes with different blade options which have a designated use and purpose. 

Without wasting any time, let's dive into the list of various pocket knife blades so you could pick the right one for you. Shall we? 

  1. Tanto point

When in the woods, you would want to carry a tanto point UK pocket knife to make life easier for you.

Such a blade has an angular tip which assists in piercing or pushing through meat and metal. It's easy to sharpen and offers incredible sturdiness.

  1. Clip point

One of the most popular choices of all times, clip point, can assist you in the woods but it can also turn into a liability quite soon.

Clip point gets its name from the clipped back of the blade and offers an incredibly sharp tip for easy piercing followed by enough belly for excellent cutting. However, since the tip is too narrow, it's easily breakable. 

  1. Serrated

When nothing works, a serrated blade might come in quite handy. 

This variant derives its strength from the two different knife blades that are combined to forge this knife. It's sturdy, durable, and cuts through tough materials with ease. However, sharpening it can be quite a handful.

  1. Pen

A pen blade works wonders for people with an artistic flair.

Originally this blade was used for sharpening quills for writing as it is not extremely sharp like other varieties. It can be used well for detailing on objects and even precision work which might keep you entertained in the woods. 

  1. Drop point

The drop point is the quintessential UK pocket knife option which is perfect for almost everything around the camp and outside of it. 

It has a sharp curved-edge on one side and is straight on the other end. Whenever you can't make a pick, choose a drop point as your safe option.

  1. Wharncliffe

A Wharncliffe blade makes an incredible choice for slicing meat and vegetables to make a meal out of it. 

It has both straight and curved edges which make it superior for various tasks around the camp. What stands out about this variant is that it is designed in a way to ensure your hand's safety from any accidental cuts while using the knife. 

Have you finally found the perfect pocket knife blade for you? If yes, then do share this post with your mates who could use this information too. Also, bookmark the article for future reference.

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