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Fixed Blade Knives: Top Reasons You Might Need One - Perkin

There are two popular types of knives among knife owners – Fixed Blade Knives and Folding Knives. Fixed-blade knives, unlike folding-blade knives, do not have a folding blade. Also known as travel knives, these knives are often stronger than folding knives because the blade extends to the handle and has no moving parts. People are generally unaware of the many advantages of having fixed-blade knives. To help you out, we discuss several reasons why a folding knife should be a must-have on your list. But first, let's know why people think folding knives are better than fixed blades. Here are the most common arguments used by people.
  1. Folding knives are handy and easy to keep.
  2. Folding knives can be easily hidden.
  3. Folding knife blades are as durable and sharp as fixed knife blades.
Now, let's give you better clarity on this subject and how fixed knife blades have their own space. Strong Blades The blades of fixed knives are strong and powerful. From small and handy blades to giant Crocodile Dundee-sized monsters, fixed-blade knives come in many sizes. No matter the size, one common feature of all of them is the blade strength. Durable You do not have to worry about the blades breaking in between doing something. It is because of the fact that fixed-blade knives have no rotary parts. Minimal maintenance Fixed knives require almost minimal maintenance. You don't have to worry about hinges like folding knives. Plus, cleaning is quick and easy because of the absence of hinges. Large blade Usually, the blade of a fixed knife is twice as long as that of a folding knife. Quick to operate Fixed-blade knives are generally quicker to use in tactical situations than folding knives. For example- lightweight and compact fixed-blade knives such as neck knives are way too easier to operate in self-defense situations. Excellent Survival Gadget Fixed-blade knives are highly versatile, and it's typically way easier to perform many tasks, including the following.
  • Chopping
  • Cutting
  • Whittling
  • Digging
  • Hunting
  • Camping
Lifespan The lifespan of fixed blades is generally longer than that of folding knives, and don't call for a replacement soon. Consider buying a knife with a sheath for a longer lifespan. You can also get these knives custom designed as per the model. Additionally, the sheath also protects the person carrying the knife and hence is a good pick. Next, if you are considering buying a fixed blade, here are some ways to use them. Kitchen Purpose Only fixed-blade knives are used in the kitchen due to their strength and durability. Hunting The top picks of hunters are fixed-blade knives because of their high strength. They can easily be used by hunters to handle prey when hunting. Fishing Fixed-blade knives are durable and have a lot of functionality in fishing. They are multipurpose and can perform various tasks – slaughtering fish, cleaning and filleting, camping, cooking, etc. Fixed-blade knives are durable and made of corrosion-resistant steel, making them perfect for fishing purposes. Fighting Soldiers often carry fixed-blade knives because they are reliable, especially in hand-to-hand combat. Scuba Diving Scuba divers prefer fixed-blade knives because they are ready to be used in case of an emergency. Camping The fixed knife's larger blade makes it more useful in any camping environment. Final Words Therefore, give a fixed blade some thought the next time you shop for a new knife. With so many various sorts of knives available today in the market, it's easier to get confused. However, fixed-blade knives are an essential and very useful tool– one that you can certainly have on your list.
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