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Buying A Hunting Knife? Consider These 3 Things

No matter if you’re a seasoned hunter or someone going for hunting for the first time ever, you’ve got to carry all the essential items for your adventure. While a list of these “must-haves” might vary slightly from person to person but a high-quality hunting knife is the constant companion of all hunters. 

From helping you cut tree branches to serving as a safety tool, hunting knife has numerous advantages. So, it is vital to invest in the one that best serves all the functions. That said, we have listed below a couple of things you need to consider when buying a hunting knife. Read on and find out. 

  • Figure out your purpose

It might sound very basic but the first thing you need to keep in mind before buying a hunting knife is to decide on a purpose just as you do for all other things that you purchase. 

The term ‘hunting knife’ has a vast array of products under it. So much so that it can get overwhelming, especially if you are a first-time buyer. For instance, some hunters may choose a skinning knife while others may opt for a multi-purpose one. 

Hence, the best way to go about it is to figure out your purpose and then consider buying the one that fulfills your needs. 

  • Choose the right size and handle

It is easy to get carried away by the design and appearance of a particular knife considering the variety in the market. But, it’s important to be practical and not compromise on the quality. Not all those appealing English knives you come across shall serve your purpose. 

That said, look out for the right handle. Be traditional in your choice and go for wooden handles. Other materials from which the handle is made up of includes synthetic material, bamboo, and even leather. 

Moreover, size also plays a crucial role. Your knife should not be any bigger or smaller. While a large knife will be difficult to handle and shall not be a good fit for skinning small animals, a very small knife shall not help you much either. Pick the one that’s lightweight and occupies a small space in your pocket. 

  • Understand the blade design 

When buying a hunting knife, blade design is an important consideration. There are several designs to choose from but, you need to keep your purpose in mind and then make the right choice. 

For instance, there is a skinning blade, clip blade, and drop point blade. While the skinning blade is designed for skinning small to medium-sized animals, a drop point blade makes the skinning process of large animals easy. On the other hand, a clip blade is more of a multi-purpose knife and hunters can carry this for completing different tasks.

It is best to research well about all these blade types and make an informed choice.

Apart from the aforementioned things, do keep in mind your budget as well. There are plenty of quality knives within every budget so, the choice shouldn’t be tough to make.

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Happy buying!

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