Wedding Ring Shopping Guide To Buy The Right One

Marriage, they say, is made in heaven. Weddings though are very much an earthly doing that needs much running about and hustle. While it is blissful to get wed and enjoy the happily ever after vibe, weddings are one occasion that needs a lot of planning and execution. 

Besides the big things to plan such as wedding venue, the dress and the reception chardonnay, there always is the bigger deal that comes with the wedding band. There are a wide range of wedding rings available including matching wedding rings in UK, for sure but picking one is  not as easy as you imagine. 

You might have had a thousand visions around how your promise ring from UK stores  or your wedding band could look like. However, what you actually get at the end is a different deal altogether.

Pick A Style

There are a whole range of styles to pick from among wedding bands. There are the simple shapes, the trinity or infinity shapes and much more intricate design styles to pick from. Keep in mind the functionality you are looking for as well as how much value you put on aesthetics. Additionally, you will also need to see what kind of daily work you need to invest in when picking a ring style. Something too intricate will not always work if you have to use your hands too much for daily tasks. 

Pick A Budget

This is where you need to make a decision right at the outset. Unless you are sure of how much to spend at the maximum. Depending on the style, setting and metal weight you pick, the costs can fluctuate  to a great extent. Make sure you decide on how much of the wedding cost you want to allocate on the wedding ring. Around three percent is a good figure. Make sure you are strong headed on the budget limit because you will only go haywire if you want to accommodate just a little more on a ring you like.

Pick A Metal

From standard gold to platinum, to even industrial metals such as cobalt and tungsten; there are a plethora of options available on the metal front. If you are traditional, basic platinum and gold works wonders. However, there is rose gold for the classic yet daring ring choosers. Offbeat materials such as stainless steel too is a good option these days. Choose a metal depending on your personal style, your overall preference for a jewelry metal and so on.

Pick A Setting

If you are going in for a ring with diamonds or other precious stones, choose the setting first. From pave setting to prong setting to even a halo ring setting; always ensure you choose a ring setting for the wedding ring based on how much you can put into maintaining the same. Do go ahead and explore various styles in terms of ring setting. Compare among few, to understand what compliments your personal style and how much of a statement you want to make.

Pick A Customization Detail

Add a small symbol as engraving to raise a toast to your love story. Every couple has something personal to recall as a sweet memory. Therefore, you can add an engraving, a symbol or your initials. Ask your jeweler to add such customization details. Do check out the options available in terms of couple bands or couple rings for weddings. These are a totally different category and have no dearth of options. 

Summing Up

A wedding ring or wedding band is a testament to love, to bind, and to being together forever. There is mostly only one time you will get wed and one time you have a wedding ring. Make the most of this occasion and choose a wedding ring that seals your marriage together.

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