Rings & Resizing: The Problem That Has Plagued Couples!

Getting engaged? Well, that’s a huge step in life. Picked out the engagement rings? When you get to that, you will be faced with a myriad of options, from the traditional ones to the more modern options. So, how do you choose the rings? One problem that most couples would rather not talk about is the option of resizing, post engagement or marriage.

You need a guide to decide on a metal that fits your taste and budget! In the UK, custom made engagement rings are quite easily available, but the problem with resizing the ring is still a pertinent problem. All you need is a reputed store by your side! Once you have that, you will have nothing to worry about. Before you get to pick a store, you will need to decide on the type of metal you want for the ring and the options for resizing.


The most common and popular choice for engagement and wedding rings is gold. What most people do not know about are the other choices that you have, apart from the precious metal ones. These options are much more unique and cost-effective. The many options include:

  • Titanium:

    Titanium is a lightweight material that has good strength and is quite resistant. It is even resistant to tarnishing and rust. When in the pure form it even gives off a sterling silver look! The downside, Titanium being prone to scratches, so light polishing might be needed to get it back to its beautiful look.
  • Tungsten: These rings have been gaining popularity at a fast rate! The marketing strategy includes portraying these rings as indestructible, even scratch-resistant. The truth, however, is that they are difficult to remove if your fingers swell up for some reason.
  • Ceramic: Now, this is a refreshing option! Not metal! Lightweight and resistant to scratches, these makeup amazing engagement rings for you. The same problem that occurs with tungsten rings may also occur with ceramic ones! It can get difficult to remove if your fingers are swollen.

This problem of resizing has been on for ages. It exists for all the other kinds of rings as well, even wood and zirconium rings. If you need a ring that can be resized and also is light on the pocket, consider

Damascus steel ring uk

Damascus Steel Rings are basically made using different alloys fused into numerous layers. The layers can be twisted to form various patterns, some of which are completely unique. Other patterns may be similar to each other, but still, look different. It has been a popular option for various kinds of weapons, like a sword, axe, or a

bowie knife

but now has taken over the market of engagement and wedding rings.

A great deal of labour goes into creating the metal and hence, might be a bit costlier than the other mentioned metals, but the fact remains that it is more affordable than gold, silver and platinum. The rings are even resistant to rust! Wear them regularly and the oils from your skin will help it stay away from rust. Oh, by the way, the rings can be resized, when needed.

What else do you want?

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