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Double Edge Knife Vs Single Edge Knife: Which One To Choose?

Ask any professional chef what they like the most about their knife, and the answer will be their sharpness. As it is, the sharpness of a knife allows them to cut dishes rightly and present them impressively.

Did you know that it is the edge of the knife that allows one to slice stuff? It is the sharpest part of a knife and starts from the bottom-most part of it and extends to its tip. 

There are two types of edges in kitchen knives which further helps classify knife into two categories. And, these are: 

  1. Double-edged knife
  2. Single-edged knife

We have talked about them in detail below. Read on and make an informed decision.

What is a double-edged knife? 

A double-edged knife, also known as a double-edged bevel, is the type of knife that boasts of a sharpened edge on either of its sides. Plus, it has a bevel on both sides. 

This type of knife is the most preferred by chefs as it is versatile. It allows them to perform the necessary cuts on ingredients while giving the user full control over it. 

The best part about it? 

This type of knife can be used by anyone irrespective of whether they are left-hand users or right-hand users. Thanks to its sharpened edges on both sides. Plus, you don’t even require any practice or special skill to control the steering. 

However, there’s one drawback associated with a double-edged knife and that is, it is difficult to sharpen by hand. 

What is a single-edged knife? 

Contrary to a double-edged knife, a single-edged knife is the one that has a sharpened edge and bevel on one side while the other side is hollow. It is generally used for softer and shorter stuff like boneless fish and some types of vegetables. 

The side which is flat/hollow helps to finish strokes. Any sort of overgrinding on that side shall lead to permanent damage. 

A single-edged knife is typically thicker and heavier than a double-edged knife. 

Since it is sharpened on just one side, they have only a 15-degree angle inclusive. However, a double-edged knife is known to have a 30-degree inclusive angle as it is sharpened on both sides. 

Despite the aforementioned advantages, a single-edged knife also has a major drawback. That is, it can be used only by right-hand users as the bevel style is made keeping in mind the needs of right-handed people. 

That said, they are very hard to use left-handedly. So, if you are a left-handed person, please don’t try as you might end up hurting yourself. Besides, it is 50% to 100% costlier than a double-edged knife. 

The choice is yours to make

Now that you’re aware of all the details relating double-edged knives and single-edged knives, keep in mind your requirements and choose accordingly. 

We suggest you opt for a double-edged knife as it is more kitchen-friendly for ordinary people as it serves all the purposes. 
Once you’ve made your choice, do check out some amazing Damascus kitchen knives for yourself.

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