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Are You Treating Your Kitchen Knives Right? Find Out Now!

Their set of kitchen knives is the most prized possession of any chef. No wonder they put in extra time and efforts for their maintenance! 

A good knife is not an ordinary kitchen utensil that finds its way in some drawer when not being used. It is a fragile piece of equipment (just like folding pocket knife) that needs regular care and cannot be tossed anywhere in the kitchen. 

Regular upkeep of your kitchen knives will not only ensure longevity in the sharpness of blades but also make cooking fun for you. 

That said, don’t let your kitchen knives lose their sharpness or turn dull. To help you ensure this, we have listed some kitchen knives’ dos and don’ts you need to abide by at all costs if you want your knives to remain new for long.  

  • Never leave your kitchen knives in the sink

If you toss your kitchen knives headlessly in the sink, it’s high time you stop doing it. This way not only the blades get scratched but there’s also a chance that the knives’ tip might break.

Besides, think of the person who’ll clean the utensils; it’s likely he/she might accidentally hurt himself/herself. 

So, make sure to wash and put them in a safe place for drying as soon as you’re finished using them. 

  • Say ‘No’ to the dishwasher

No matter how convenient the dishwasher is, you’ve got to wash the knives with hand. This way you eliminate the scope of any undesired scratches and any sort of damage to the blades altogether.  

  • Store your knives in the knives drawer

Jostling your knives with the other utensils in the utensils drawer might be a common practice for you. But, you need to STOP doing that. As it is, the blade can easily get scratched every time you open the drawer. 

It is always best to store knives separately, preferably in a knives drawer. And if your kitchen doesn’t have one, make sure you protect your kitchen knives with a sheath. 

  • Dry your knives separately

Just as you need to wash your knives separately, drying them in a separate space is essential. Please refrain from putting it to dry with other utensils in the dish racker. Instead, find a completely different spot if you want the blade to remain as is for long. 

  • Cut vegetables and fruits on cutting boards

If you usually cut stuff by placing it on the countertop, you must give up this practice as soon as possible. Hard surfaces like marble, granite, etc. are hard for the kitchen knives. 

Instead, opt for gentler and smoother options, like a cutting board. As it is, it is meant for a purpose, i.e. to ease the overall cutting experience alongside protecting the kitchen knives’ blade from getting damaged. 

Follow these tips and be assured of your knife’s good condition and performance for a long time. Happy maintaining! Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the best kitchen knives in the UK here.

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