7 Ways to pick that perfect wedding ring!

Are you eager to tie the knot? Don’t let the simple task of selecting a wedding ring keep you hooked for long (We know you have thousands of other decisions to make for that grand wedding day!). What? Did we just say that choosing a wedding ring is a simple task? Do you think we are joking? No, we are not! You can pick a gorgeous wedding ring for your D-day easily if you follow our tips.

Ø How to choose the best wedding ring for your special day?

We suggest – don’t make selecting a wedding ring a tedious task. Enjoy the process, as this is a precious phase of your life. And trying out different pieces of jewellery has its unique charm. Now, let us read about the best ways to get those precious pieces for your wedding with expert suggestions.

o Set a budget –Getting carried away while buying a wedding ring is natural. But don’t let this happen to you. When you have set a specific budget for the piece of jewellery you want, it becomes easy selecting the band that falls in your budget bucket. Paying extra for the ring means deducting expenses from other marriage arrangements. You know the trouble this will cause later for you.

o Shop early – There is no rule book saying you have to purchase the wedding ring as the last thing before your marriage date. You can shop for it as early as three months before the wedding date or even before to ensure you don’t miss it amidst other arrangements. You can also avail the offers and discounts you get during special occasions like Christmas, Easter and so on to pay lesser than the regular charges for the jewellery.

o Choose the type of band you both like – There are many his and hers promise rings in the UK that you can choose from which will look suitable even for your wedding day. Then there are some glamorous rings embedded with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or any stone you like. You can discuss the variant you both agree with and then consider buying it. Let this shiny one dazzle aside your promise ring, making you remember the bond of love and sweet promises that have brought you closer.

o The material of the wedding rings -- Damascus steel wedding rings from PerkinKnives are very famous amongst couples for their weddings. They provide you with an exclusive collection of rings and knives of authentic materials and excellent quality. You can either go for gold rings, silver, steel, or even platinum if your budget permits. But if you want something unique, Damascus steel rings would make your jewellery not only unique but would also symbolise exclusivity, power, strength, durability – all that you hope your marriage to be.

o Don’t forget the size –Purchasing a wedding ring or two without checking any of your sizes can be a drastic mistake. Never order such an ornament even online if you are unsure about your size. Try them once before purchasing, and if getting them from an online store, study the size map carefully. 

o Don’t forget the guarantee -- You get different warranties in various rings. Some of the stores provide a warranty on the shine, and others promise durability, and so on. Without this warranty, you might have to pay a heavy sum in repairing the ring if any issues arise after some time.

o Trust your jeweller –

When investing in such a precious ornament, ensure that you get it from a trusted source. If you doubt that the jeweller would not provide you with authentic material or the best quality, skip that shop and go for another one. If you are unsure which jewellery store would be best to get your wedding rings from, you can always inquire about this from Google and even your friends.

We assure you that your wedding ring will be the best jewellery you own once you consider these pointers. Try matching both of yours to make it look even better – made for each other – just like you are. And keep them safe until the day to take the vows and exchange the rings arrives.

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