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What Is A Bushcraft Knife Used For?

Primarily used for cutting, Bushcraft knives are compact and strong. From cutting wood or animal hide to putting a campfire and building a shelter in the woods, a Bushcraft knife is the ultimate survival tool

Below are four ways a Bushcraft knife can be used in the wild. 

Cutting a tree

Bushcraft knives can be used to cut saplings. Green saplings are the easiest to cut given that the knife is used at the right angle and the right kind of force is applied. Softwood trees like poplar, birch, and some evergreen trees can also be cut using this knife. 

Cutting a specific length of wood 

When in the wild, you might need a specific length of wood to make a certain tool or while building a shelter. Bushcraft knives can be used to cut the wood precisely to that length using the beaver chew method. In this method, you hold the piece firmly and start taking out smaller ‘bites’ from it with the knife while rotating it slowly. This will give you a clean cut at the end of the process.

Cutting animal hide 

Bushcraft knives can be used to cut the animal hide into narrow strips to make cords. Cords are an essential element of survival as they are used to make bowstrings and are also used while building a strong shelter. 

Sparking a Ferro rod 

Ferro rods are one of the best tools to carry around while going on a trip to the wild. This tool proves to be extremely helpful in case a smooth journey turns into a survival emergency. Ferro rods can be sparked to start an unlimited number of fires, no matter how wet or cold the climate is. A Bushcraft knife is the best tool to spark a Ferro rod and start a fire.  There are also many other things you can do with a Bushcraft knife including making a feather stick to kindle a fire, splitting some wood by hitting the spine of the knife with a baton, and using the knife for a chest-lever cut for better control over the blade. 

What size knife is best for Bushcraft?

Bushcraft knives are characterized by their compact size. Usually, the ideal size of the blade for a Bushcraft knife is around 4 to 5 inches. 

The smaller size of the blade gives the wielder more control over the knife to carry out various essential processes during a survival scenario. The compactness also makes sure that the blade is dense and strong enough to not break down when hit by something heavy like a baton.

Are bushcraft knives legal in the UK?

UK laws state that any knife with a non-locking blade that is less than three inches in length is legal to carry in the UK. But, when you carry the knife into an unjustifiable environment like a supermarket or a gas station, you can be prosecuted for carrying the knife. 

Carrying a fixed blade or locking blade knife is also not illegal in the UK if you have a justified reason for carrying it. For example, if you are a chef or fisherman with a fish fillet knife or a Bushcraft knife instructor, will not be considered illegal. So, Bushcraft knives are actually legal to carry in the UK as long as you use them for foraging and survival, and have a perfectly good justification for carrying the knife. 

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