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Thinking of accessorizing your kitchen? Get a Damascus Steel Knife

A Chef is one who likes cooking and treats his kitchen as his laboratory to experiment in. Be it dicing vegetables into small sizes or mincing meat, a chef and his knife are inseparable. If you are a home chef and are thinking of buying your knife for the love of cooking it is important that you know about the composition of your item of purchase.

  • Material – Knives can be made up of High Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or a mix of both. Ceramic knives are available in the market too
Why Stainless Steel? 
  • Hardness - A Stainless Steel knife is less hard compared to that made up of Carbon Steel. Therefore, it is easier to sharpen the edge of such a knife.
  • Rust-free - Stainless steel has Chromium which lessens its chances to rust.
  • Low maintenance – Stainless steel knives are cost-effective and can be easily maintained at a low cost.

Why is Damascus Knife the Chef’s Choice?

Damascus Steel is named after an old city in the present-day Syria. In the 8th century, the Damascus steel was made by the Islamic metalsmiths in the Middle East. Being sharp and sturdy, it made trusted weapons. Today, many buyers are in two minds about the purchase of Damascus knives and are of the view that the only positive characteristic of such knives is that they are ornamental. Those that believe this should be made aware that just like

Damascus Steel is available in variety, similarly, there are two types of Damascus knives commonly found in the stores. The cheaper one is made of commonly available steel and are prone to rust. They are decorated to attract customers but serve no real purpose. The second one is superior in quality and expensive. They are constituted of hard steel in between two soft steels. The hard steel enables the knives to maintain sharp edges while the soft steel is there to render chipping protection. Such knives can keep sharp for a long duration to come. Being made up of Stainless Steel, they do not rust easily. It is this quality that make wonderful knives. The quality of a Damascus knife can be gauged by its price. Buying such knives is not only a financial investment but also one that involves a lot of research work. A Damascus knife is aesthetically pleasing. The intricacies involved in its manufacture gives it projections that not only keeps the blade sharp but also make the cuts of the fruits and vegetables accurate. With so many varieties available in the market, the chefs who choose to purchase the Damascus knife undeniably have a deep appreciation for art and culture. They have an immense respect for the skill, effort and time involved to prepare such a masterpiece.


If efficiency, cost effectiveness and craftsmanship are the three features you are looking for in your knife, Damascus chefs knives are a great choice. You can look for them at UK, here: Kitchen Knife

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