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Surviving in the wild: You need more than just a knife

Surviving in the wild is an art. Yes, you heard that right. Campers would be well aware of the challenges that can pop up while camping. You might end up bumping into a wild animal. Under such circumstances (when your life is lying on tenterhooks).

You can buy yourself a Bowie knife before you plan to hit the woods. A survival knife happens to be the most important thing in a camper’s survival kit. Well, it goes pretty much without saying that a knife is important, but a knife is not the only thing you will require before making your way into the wild. There are other things that will be required. 

Lighting a fire: Lighting a fire is the first and foremost thing a camper should know. Cutting wood forms an important element of lighting a fire. You can also buy a tomahawk axe if you want to carry a separate equipment to carry out your major cutting tasks. It is always a good idea to carry a lighter along. Lighting a fire by smashing two stones together is quite an obsolete idea. 

Preparing your food

That’s another major challenge. Preparing food is a job easier said than done. You cannot carry all of your cooking equipment in the jungle. Under such circumstances, your survival knife will come in handy. It can be used to skin animals for meat, cutting veggies, etc. You can enjoy a quick snack on the go with little help from your survival knife. There’s nothing like enjoying a few fresh fruits while roaming around in the wild. Folding pocket knives can go a long way in making your life easier in the woods.

The ultimate combat tool

A camping knife is the ultimate survival tool. If you run into a wild beast, then you need to have something in order to protect yourself. Survival knives are also used by army men during hand-to-hand combat. A hunting knife can also be used by campers for undertaking hunting and skinning tasks. A hunting knife will go a long way in ensuring that you survive well in the woods. You can also opt for a pocket knife if you like. Many of the pocket knives are foldable. 

Carry your first-aid kit

Now, this is the most important part. Ignoring injuries in the wild can end up being quite fatal. Make sure you have all the necessary medicines and ointment. Also, don’t forget to carry mosquito repellents. Most importantly, do not forget to carry band-aids. Also, make sure that you are carrying enough food supplies and drinking water. Start locating fresh water sources the moment you set up your tent.

Most importantly, tell someone that you are going out to camp in the wild. In this way, you can prepare backup in case anything comes up unexpectedly. Also, have a satellite phone intact in case of emergencies. All of these measures will go a long way in ensuring a safe and enjoyable camping trip.

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