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Fixed Blade Vs Folding Hunting Knife: Which One To Choose?

A hunting knife is one of the most important weapons in every hunter’s backpack and there are no second thoughts about it. 

Actually, the main concern here is the kind of hunting knife to choose. Whether to opt for a fixed blade or a folding pocket knife, the debate has been going on for long amongst the knife aficionados. 

With each hunting knife type having its own pros and cons, why don’t you read on and find about all important things about them? And maybe then, you’ll be able to weigh them and finally pick the one that best suits your requirements. 

Fixed Blade Hunting Knife: The Versatile Survival Knife

Have you ever been intimidated by a bit lengthy yet sharp and sturdy knife that you came across in the movies? 

Well, that’s pretty much the fixed blade knife. 

As the name suggests, it is the kind of knife that has a blade permanently fixed to the handle of the knife. Generally, there are no moving elements in this knife and it remains as is. 

Owing to this reason, the list of advantages of a fixed blade hunting knife is extensive. And below, we have listed down a few of them.  

  • Long and Strong

From small and handy to almost the size of your hand, a fixed blade hunting knife comes in different sizes. However, there’s one thing that remains constant across all sizes, and that is the strength. 

  • Doesn’t break 

As mentioned above, a fixed blade hunting knife has no moving parts. So, no chance that it will break, ever! 

  • Handy survival knife

In comparison to the pocket knife, a fixed blade knife is considered to be handy in all outdoor situations as it comes into play faster. 

  • Easy maintenance

It’s pretty simple and straightforward to clean a fixed blade knife. That said, its maintenance is in no way complex.

  • Versatile  

A fixed blade knife is a multi-purpose survival knife. Its usage is not limited to only hunting but can also be used for cutting, digging, food preparation, and others such.  

Despite the aforementioned advantages offered by a fixed blade hunting knife, it has certain drawbacks too. 

  1. Difficult to use in an urban setting
  2. Not easy to conceal
  3. Always open
  4. Need to carry in a knife sheath
  5. Bulkier than a folding knife

Folding Knife: The Ultimate Survival Pocket Knife

Folding knife or as referred to a pocket knife is the one that boasts a foldable blade. This usually makes it easier to carry and less bulky than the fixed blade hunting knife

Actually, folding knife today has become the preferred choice for hunters and adventurers because it covers all the shortcomings of a fixed blade knife. 

That said, have a look at its pros below. 

  1. It can easily slide into your pocket hence known as ‘pocket knife’
  2. Easy to conceal
  3. Lightweight
  4. Foldable blade
  5. No need to carry knife sheath
  6. A well-constructed one is as tough as a fixed blade hunting knife 

By now you must have made up your choice, isn’t it?

While you may have decided to go with a pocket knife, we suggest there’s no harm in considering a fixed blade knife of the UK even if you live in an urban environment. 

The decision is all yours to make. Happy deciding!

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