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Knife Sheaths - Keather Knife Sheath UK

Knife sheaths can go a long in ensuring that your knives stay intact for long. In all fairness, a sturdy knife sheath is just as important as a knife. A knife sheath will go a long way in protecting a knife from external factors such as dust, dirt, damage, etc. Experienced knife owners are well aware of the fact that a sheath holds a lot of importance.

The degree of importance of a sheath is immense. As a knife owner, you need to take good care of the knives that you own. Taking your knives for granted can backfire big time. Also, first-time buyers need to note that each knife has a specialised knife sheath.  If you have a Bushcraft knife, then you need to have a leather bushcraft knife sheath. Moving on, if you are a chef, then you can opt for a stylish chef knife sheath. It will keep your Damascus steel knife away from dust and damage. 

Likewise, if you happen to be a Gurkha with a long and traditional Kukri knife, then you can keep your knife safe using a Kukri sheath made of leather. You can also use knife sheaths made of synthetic materials.

What good is a knife sheath?

As stated earlier, a knife sheath will go a long way in making sure that your knife/knives stay intact. Sheaths are made using a wide range of materials, from leather to nylon and everything in between. Many of the traditionalists prefer leather knife sheaths over other types and kinds of sheaths. The idea is to buy a classical sheath that looks awesome. Those using leather knife sheaths will be aware of the fact that nothing can beat the joy and thrill of getting to carry a knife in a classic knife sheath made using pure leather. The sweet smell of fresh leather is the one to die for. 

The cost?

Different types of knife sheaths are priced differently. It goes pretty much without saying that the more you spend, the better your knife sheath is expected to be. Usually, knife owners opt for leather knife sheaths because these sheaths have a much higher aesthetic value than other sheaths. Leather knife sheaths look good. Most people prefer pairing their Bowie knives with Bowie knife sheaths made of leather. Furthermore, leather knife sheaths cost considerably more than sheaths made using synthetic materials. Moving on, leather knife sheaths need to be handled with care. You cannot take your elegant leather knife sheath for granted. The moment you leave it to perish in the dust, it will start losing its shine. 

Things you need to do in order to take care of your leather knife sheath

Absolutely no prices for guessing that leather knife sheaths are delicate, which means they need to be handled with care. Those owning Kukri knives like to pair their knives with an equally-impressive Kukri sheath in order to keep the knife safe and secure.

Leather knife sheaths are preferred by knife owners across the globe. However, it is interesting to note that leather knife sheaths need to be handled with a lot of care if you want your knife sheaths to go the distance. 

Tips to take care of your leather knife sheaths

  1. Don’t wait for too long: Yes, that is right. You should not start with the caring bit only when the sheath begins to disintegrate. As an owner, you need to predict the damage before it occurs. The moment you buy a sheath, store your knife using it. Also, keep it in a place that’s dry. You can have a designated spot to keep your knife. Store it in a cupboard or hang it using a hook, but always have a designated spot where it can be kept easily. 
  2. Don’t use shoe polish

Using shoe polish to keep the sheath intact and shining is not a good idea. Shoe polish will rub off against your clothes when you carry the sheath using a belt loop. Also, leather tends to disintegrate if and when the shoe polish is of sub-standard quality.

  1. Don’t let your sheath to come in contact with water

Leather knife sheaths should never come in contact with water. Experienced knife owners are well aware of this fact. Constant contact with water will lead to the disintegration of leather. If and when your leather knife sheath gets wet, do not try to rush with things. Allow the sheath to dry naturally. 

All of these tips in come in handy if you wish to take good care of your knife sheaths. It needs to be reiterated that knife sheaths are more than just ‘covers’. An elegant leather knife sheath will help you create an everlasting impression.

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