Guide on What You Should & Shouldn't Bring on a Camping Trip

The first rule of a camping trip is to avoid overpacking at all costs. After all, you aren't going for a luxurious trip to The Maldives; it's the wilderness where less is more. 

The next big thing to consider is what to pack and what to avoid. Well, if you are new to the game and would like someone to help you out, follow the post below to learn more about what and what not to pack. 

Read on!

What to pack

  • Camping light

From headlights and torches to shoe lights, the more lighting gadgets you can pack, the better. 

There will be no light in the wilderness except the sunlight and the moonlight, so packing a few high-voltage lights will help illuminate your way in the dark. 

  • A reliable knife

You cannot skip carrying a hunting knife in the UK when taking a camping or hunting trip. 

From hunting your dinner and preparing your meal to camp setup and surviving in an unknown territory, such a knife will be your faithful companion in the woods. 

  • First aid kit

Your chances of getting cut by wood or attacked by a wild animal in the wilderness are quite high. So, it's all the more crucial that you carry a proper first aid kit with you. 

We are talking band-aids, soothing creams for wounds and burns, cotton pads, scissors and doctor bandage for effective treatment. If you are a female, then don't forget your menstruation essentials. Do carry a camping knife in the UK for cauterising any severe wounds as well.

  • Sleeping bag and tent

Carry a tent or a sleeping pad for a relaxing sleep after a whole day of adventures and fun. It's an absolute essential if you don't plan on sleeping on the grass or a rock. 

What not to pack

All your gadgets

What's the point of such a retreat if you will still be glued to your phone or laptop? 

Leave these at home and for once spend time with yourself!

  • Light-coloured clothes

Do you want to spend your entire day trying to get rid of the mud stain from your yellow, pink or white coloured clothes? 

If not, then pack only dark tones and get all muddy without feeling awkward about it. 

  • Perfumes

Your glass perfume bottles won't be able to handle the wild. 

Keep them at home and if you want to feel fresh, take a shower! 

  • High-heels

Are you even considering this? 

Well, we know many people who might! Carrying high heels or any kind of heels in a muddy terrain is a big no-no unless you want to sprain your ankle. 

Consider mirror and glass objects and other grooming gadgets banned as well because again, it's not a luxury trip! Carry only what's essential and will help you survive in the wild. Bookmark this checklist and use it well when going on your next camping trip. 

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