First Time Camper Tips For A Smooth Camping Experience

For all outdoorsy adventure lovers, there are no dearth of options available to trigger an adrenaline rush. You have trekking, trail hikes as well as camping available as top picks to help you experience that rush.

With the pandemic at play over the last couple of years, there sure have been limitations and restrictions. However, you can finally begin to explore around again with the new normal gaining ground.  As a first time camper or a beginner, keep in mind that what helps you will not be the same as what helps an expert camper. Understand that camping is not easy to begin with. Be prepped for newer experiences every time you set up tent. 

Research And Look Up

There are certain campsites that are well suited to beginner campers. Make sure you have an idea as to what places best suit your situation. Look up the most information you can first hand. Talk to fellow campers and see what things you need to consider.

Camping Ground Matters

Always keep your first and initial few camping experiences limited to smaller camping sites. 

Going In For The Right Gear

Do not make a huge investment in fancy gear at the outset. Go with the flow. When it comes to camping gear, the sky is your limit. There is a lot of fancy gear out there that you get fascinated with. However, always understand that you will need to actually get into the depth of how things work. For instance, when you set out to buy knives for camping, you will need to know the right places to use these.  Simply investing in gear without knowing how best to use the same is a rookie mistake. After all you do not even buy a Damascus kitchen knife without knowing how to use it correctly! Besides the gear, you need to plan for your food, lighting, fire dousing and camp site tent size too. While that sounds all too much work at once, it means you need to be clever with planning.

Make A List. ALWAYS.

Prepare a checklist to ensure that you miss out on nothing really. From what batteries the flash torches require to what grills or stoves you need to carry to camp-there will always be too much to plan. Writing all these down helps beyond what you expect.

Understanding The Campsite

Does your campsite allow pets? Is there electricity available? What about drinking and cleaning water availability?  There is a lot of asking you need to do when picking the campsite. Simply ticking on a random camp spot doesn't help. Ensure that you stay close to home ground the first time around. Build up the distant camping stamina first.

Of All Things Tent

Summing Up

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