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3 Kitchen Knives that you should buy this Halloween

Let’s be honest here, all of us want to be weird at times, Right ? So, what a perfect time of the year when you can dress up like a ghost, witch or maybe like crocodile without entertaining raised eyebrows around you. Yes, we are talking about Halloween. Whether you are throwing a halloween party at home or planning to attend one at your friends place, have a look at some the best kitchen knives that you should buy this halloween, and add all the spice to the day : Here are the essential kitchen knives that you need:-

Chef’s Knife:

Invite your guests this halloween and let your chef knife trick them as a fake prop. Chef’s Knife also known as Santoku, it is a Japanese style knife where every part of the blade has a specific purpose. Of instance, the small tip of your knife is for fine work while the broad end is for cutting vegetables and the curved length of the blade makes the rapid cuts.


Serrated slicing knife:

Dress up like a zombie and enter your kitchen on a broomstick with a Serrated slicing knife for cutting tomatoes and bread. For the most part, a lot of cooks out there go for the knife with a 10” blade. Additionally, a blade with a slight arc would be highly recommended for fine clean cuts without having to take much of a break in between.

Paring knife:

Pretend you are the seeker for Gryffindor all set to catch the golden snitch with a airing knife in hand. Now this knife, in particular, is a lot more important than most people give it credit for. Being one of the most versatile knives out there, all you have to do is find one with a reasonably sharp blade. Then, you will be able to peel, cut and core all kinds of fruits and vegetables across the board. Whether you are zeroing in on a Halloween 2 bowie knife by Perkin Knives, offering 10% Halloween discount on all the products, or other types of knives, there are a large variety of knives to choose from. Even if it concerns your most prized Halloween knife, it is also important to use a mild bleach solution to sanitise them every once in a while.

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