Why Is Fixed Blade The Best Choice For Your Hiking Knife?

Why Is Fixed Blade The Best Choice For Your Hiking Knife?

Do you know the knife is the first tool ever to be invented? 

It is one of the most important tools known to mankind so much so that no survival kit is ever complete without it. Thanks to the innumerable benefits it offers. 

In fact, it makes for a great weapon for hikers and adventure enthusiasts. You’ll rarely come across backpackers hitting the trail without a hiking knife. It can either have a fixed blade or folding blade, depending on the preference of the hiker. 

While both fixed blade knives and folding knives offer their own set of advantages and disadvantages, we believe fixed blade knives are the best bet for hiking and camping. And, we’ll tell you why. 

  • Fixed blade knives are sharp and sturdy 

The first thing that strikes our mind when we talk of fixed blade knives is its sharpness and sturdiness. 

No matter the hiking location and weather condition, fixed blade knives survive it all. Unlike folding knives, they don’t break when the climate gets too hot and humid. 

On the other hand, if it gets too cold, you’ll probably need a fire and that’s when fixed blade knives will help. They are sharp and help you build a fire easily. 

Besides, they are more resistant to water as compared to folding knives. 

Well, don’t you think these the characteristics of an ideal hiking knife? 

  • Fixed blade knives don’t fail you when you need them 

As the name suggests, fixed blade knives have no moving parts in them. The blade is fixed into the knife’s handle. While this can be a drawback too, it generally adds to the list of advantages. 

No moving blades guarantee little or no opportunity of failure when you need them the most. For instance, you require to pull out your hiking knife in the middle of a life-threatening situation (maybe, when you are about to be attacked by an animal). In such a case, fixed blade knives work the best as you are saved the time of unfolding them. Remember, every second is crucial in such complex situations. 

Plus, this also means, they are easier to maintain. 

  •    Fixed blade knives are your constant companion

Let’s say, you’re going for a multi-day hike at some far off location. You can’t afford to have a knife failure or failure of any weapon, in that case. 

That said, investing in a good-quality hiking knife is essential if you want to ensure your safety and well-being. Fixed blade knives are your best friend as they are strong and durable and shall stand by your side until a long time. 

By now, you must have been convinced as to why fixed blade knives are the best tools for hikers. So, what are you waiting for? Invest in one for yourself today! 

P.S. Do educate yourself about the different styles of hiking knives and take training for its usage. Because owning a knife without knowing how to use it serves absolutely no purpose.