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Perkin Knives features a variety of hunting knives for sale in the UK. Fixed blade knives are a solid piece of metal that can have tang or full-tang construction at the handle end. Tang construction features a tamper that disappears into the handle (wood or other material). Full tang construction has a solid metal frame, to which handle slabs are attached on either side. A hunting knife with full tang is stronger, but a little heavier, with a handle anchored to it. Anyone looking for a knife for hunting or tough camping tasks, a fixed blade hunting knife is the best option.

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Why Should You Buy Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath for Hunting?

The first thing to keep in mind while carrying a fixed blade knife is that you will be requiring a sheath to keep both knife and yourself from facing injury. Sheath is the item that will slip over the hunting knife blade to keep it from being exposed. Most of the times they are even able to attach to a belt, pant or some other form of clothing. It is highly advisable to carry a fixed blade hunting knife with a sheath.

Features of Our Full tang Hunting Knives

Perkin Knives has got an excellent history of providing full tang hunting knives at reasonable prices. Our hunting knives with full tang run the length of the handle, which means that full tang blades make good use of a single piece construction. This means that unless the blade snaps under immense pressure or due to damage, you can rest assured that the blade’s edge won’t separate from the handle whether you are cutting or stabbing.

Best Buy – Hunting Knife with Leather Sheath & Hunting Boker Knife

We at Perkin Knives sell high quality hunting knife with leather sheath at low costs. Our leather sheaths are designed using authentic leather and prove to be highly durable in protecting your hunting knife blades. Leather is still one of the finest varieties of sheath material to have. It is a well known material that looks exceptional, feels nice in your hands and smells good. It is also very quiet when you are putting a knife in and out of the sheath. Also, we have got the famous Boker knife and we are selling it at the best price.

At Perkin Knives, you get hunting knife set, hunting supplies, and fixed blade skinning knife at cheap prices in the UK.

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General FAQ

What are the advantages of fixed blade hunting knives?

Strength is the most significant advantage of a fixed hunting knife. Owing to their sturdy, full tang design, fixed blade hunting knives offer better stability and grip for all conditions.

What difference does a grip make in hunting knives?

Hunting Knives are created as a means of survival or defence in the woods. For your hunting knife to perform at its optimum level, it is essential to have a grip that fits well in your hand and can also perform under wet or dry conditions.

What kind of metals are used in making Hunting Knives?

Hunting knives can be forged using a variety of Steel types. The most common ones are Carbon Steel, Damascus Steel and Stainless Steel. Each steel type offers its own advantages for the user.

Do hunting knives need to be sharpened?

Like any knife, your hunting knives will also lose their sharpness over time. It is also recommended to keep your knife in its sheath when not in use, to preserve the quality of the blade.

How will the design of hunting knife affect their performance?

Hunting Knives come in various designs and blade lengths which are created for different uses. While some blades offer better manoeuvrability, others are easy to carry. It comes down to personal preferences and specific requirements.