D2 Tool Steel Knives

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The blade is a powerful factor in the knife effectiveness. There is a variety of material available with different characteristics and it can be difficult to make the decision immediately. If this is what you are dealing with then let’s inform you that D2 tool steel is the best choice for knife blades. D2 tool steel knives have been used first in WW2 and since then it has been a popular choice all around the world. High level of chromium, vanadium, carbon and molybdenum is used in its making which offers a good mix of hardenability, high wear resistance and toughness. Also, it can retain its edge for much longer. D2 tool steel knives save you from those annoying problems like stain and rust because of its high corrosion resistance property.

Features of Knives with D2 Steel

Getting the perfect steel knife is not easy as it seems. Not only there are various types available, but there are also so many factors to consider such as hardness, ease of sharpening, corrosion resistance and more. If you are looking for a blade that’s nearly stainless and has has wear-resistance and great edge retention, opt for D2 tool steel knives. They are the most popular budget knives of all time. Our D2 steel knives are designed for hunting, outdoors, sportsmen as well as law enforcement and comes with leather sheath.

D2 Steel Knives for Sale

If you prefer dependable and strong blade for your hunting knife, you can’t go wrong with the d2 steel. D2 is a high chromium, high carbon, semi-stainless steel that holds up well. When sharpening is necessary, d2 steel may take more effort and time. However, when strength and toughness are the priority, d2 steel is an excellent choice. So, when choosing a blade steel, it is very essential that you first know your needs and then chose a suitable blade steel accordingly to get the best performance for your specific purpose.