Camping Knives

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Do you love backpacking? Are you an adventurous soul? Are you planning a car camping or any adventurous outdoor activity?

Well, who knows what will be on the other side of the cliff, a walking rampage or rope hanging cliff, a camping knife is a must. If you are a minimalist looking for a compact, sturdy and an adventurous trip we are sure you would like to carry a camping knife. Enjoy camping under the stars while you have your survival tool right in your pocket, all handy.

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Camping Knife Features

Well, if you are looking for some of the excellent features of a camping knife, we will give you dozens of them.

When it comes to choosing the right kind of camping knife, size does matter. As a general matter of fact, we have this analogy of “ The bigger, the better”, but that does not work with camping knives. If the blade is too long you sacrifice the ability to use it effectively. The most prefered size for a camping knife is believed to be between 9-11 inches in length.

Why Should You Buy Camping Knives

There must not be something more important than a knife, as a survival tool, when planning for a car camping or any adventurous outdoor activity. A camping knife finds its efficient use in self-defence against – men or animal. A sharp pointed camping knife will allow you to do anything from carving wood to hunting for food. Well, here is a list of activities that can be done efficiently with a camping Knife :

  1. Outdoor Hunting
  2. Lighting Kindling
  3. Clothing repairs or gear repairs
  4. Carving wood

We have given you enough reasons to buy a camping knife and get your backpacks ready for your next adventurous trip.

Camping Knife UK

When you are out there in the dark wandering in the forest, covered with bushes and long trees, a camping knife serves as a survival tool. You can use it as a multi-purpose tool for your safety, cut prunes to create a path, and chop fruits and veggies. At Perkin Knives, we bring a range of camping knives in the UK for you to choose from.

Made with high-quality Damascus steel and fabricated with the ancient methodology, our camping knives are sharp, lightweight, and have an ideal handle length. You can select from as small as 5-inch to upto 11-inch knives (blade length + handle).

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