Handmade Bushcraft Knives UK

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If you are good at Bushcraft and have one of these knives in your arsenal, you can create a comfort zone just around anything in the woods.

Perkin Knives provides handy, easy-to-use bushcraft knives for camping enthusiasts across the UK and the world. Our handmade Bushcraft knives come with a solid grip and a full blade to deliver the strength and precision needed for Bushcraft.

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Individuals who buy a full tang bushcraft knife are more satisfied with the performance than those who don’t because a full tang knife means the whole knife is made of a single piece of metal, which is apparently unbreakable.

A bushcraft knife is not only a great carving tool, but it’s also a perfect pick for batoning, chopping and fire starting. However, a little practice is needed to ace the skill of using bushcraft knives, and once you master it, you can do a lot of things with your knife, in the face of challenges.

Features of Handmade Bushcraft Knifes

A typical bushcraft knife sold by Perkin Knives has a Carbon Steel or Damascus Steel blade, while the choice of handles come from the wide selection, including buffalo horn, Burl wood and Micarta to name a few.

When we say that our bushcraft knives for sale in the UK are handmade, we mean that each blade is hand forged and handles are carved using simple tools, creating a masterpiece that’s special and exclusive, unlike factory-made knives that are all the same.

Why Our Bushcraft Gear is The Best in Industry?

Full tang knives are always a better pick than their counterparts because they are the most dependable under demanding situations. Our bushcraft gear is mainly comprised of full tang knives that pass through strict quality-checks before reaching the end-customer. Our knives are special because they are not mass produced in a factory, along the conveyor belt. They are shaped to perfection using ancient techniques that focus on one knife at a time. In simple words, this one is for all the hunters out there. Perkin Knives has a host of bushcraft pocket knives, bush tool knives for you to choose from.

Buy Full Tang Bushcraft Knives UK

Perkin Knives lets you buy handmade bushcraft knives in the UK and overseas, at highly competitive prices. When you buy knives from us, you are buying directly from the manufacturer. We assure you that there’s no middleman involved, and you will get the best knife at the best price.

Browse through our wide selection of bushcraft knives and place your order anytime, from the comfort of your home.

Japanese Bushcraft Knife

Bushcraft knives are tiny, folding or single blade knives that one can hang around their neck using a string or a leather sheath or around their arm when they are involved in any bushcraft activities. A Japanese bushcraft knife is also similar, forged in various kinds of steel, roughly as big as your palm and are a crucial occupant of your survival kit.

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