Tomahawk Axe

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While venturing outdoors Tomahawks Axes are must-have tools. They are a reliable and robust tool in a survival situation or around the campsite. These are used for various purposes such as building shelters, clearing trails, cutting and for self-defence as well. Modern Bushcraft Axes & Tomahawks have become famous in the tactical world because of many operators using them for self-defence and as a reliable heavy-duty tool too.

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Features of Bushcraft Axes & Tomahawks

All of our handmade Tomahawk Axes feature Damascus steel construction with either burl wood or beautiful walnut wood and mosaic pins haft with brass carving. They are a fantastic piece of artwork and the blade cover is made up of genuine cowhide leather.

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Tomahawk axes have been constructed and used since stone age for a specific purpose. Back then they were constructed from wood, stone, bone animal horns and seashells. Today the function is similar the only difference is the material, quality and design of the axes. Nowadays tomahawk axe is an everyday tool used by many people for cutting wood and hunting. It’s a fantastic tool that helps you do jobs easier and faster.

From a design and functional standpoint, the tomahawk axe has two or more functions while the hatchet has one. Its blade side is used for chopping or cutting, and the other side which is the butt is used for breaching or breaking, which makes it an indestructible and strong piece of survival equipment. You will see people from military, as well as hunters, bush crafters, capers, mountaineers/climbers and adventurers using them.

Bushcraft Axe for Sale

Choosing the right tom Bushcraft axe in the UK is not an easy task. Their high durability, great strength and high versatility make them a great all around choice. When it comes to buying the best quality tactical, hunting, survival tomahawk axe in the UK, you can always rely on Perkin Knives. If you are looking for tomahawk for sale in the UK, get in touch with us at the earliest.

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