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Stainless steel hunting knives exhibit commendable strength and high resistance to corrosion – making them a great fit for your wild escapades. Apart from Iron, which is a major constituent, 440C stainless steel folding knife is composed of Carbon, Manganese, Chromium, Silicon and Molybdenum for added strength and improved wear resistance.

Perkin Knives offers a wide range of stainless steel pocket knives that are designed to cut, slice, skin and quarter with ease. And when it comes to the type of blade, there’s endless variety on offer at Perkin Knives. Whether you want a stylish camping knife or something more practical for hunting, we have something for everyone.

Available in different designs, with handcrafted handles, each knife manufactured by Perkin Knives is one-of-a-kind, even if it means choosing from the same category – that’s the beauty of a handmade knife.

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A typical 440C stainless steel pocket knife has extremely sharp blades, but thin enough to fit into the handle. However, if you want your pocket knife to have a thick blade with aggressive serrations, we have got you covered.
A stainless steel folding knife is easy to use and even easier to store when not in use. We have stainless steel folding knives or steel will knives available in different blade types, ranging from clip point to needle point and everything in between.A folding/pocket knife comes in handy where bigger knives are unable to perform well. For instance, skinning and piercing become a lot easier when you have a smaller, folding knife as compared to bigger, fixed blades that are difficult to work with for precision work. Also, a pocket knife can be used for self-defence against humans and animals alike.

Bottom line: Just like a needle can do what a sword isn’t capable of, a folding pocket knife can work well in situations where fixed-blade knives fail to perform. We hope you got the analogy right.

Perkin Knives manufactures and supplies top-quality hunting knives for adventure enthusiasts across the UK and the world. Owing to our bulk manufacturing and selling capacity, we can provide hunting knives like 440c knife steel for sale and still be able to make profits.

Whether you are looking for a stainless steel folding knife or steel will knives for your upcoming adventure spree, browse through our extensive category of 440C knives to take the right pick, at the right price.

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