Custom Damascus Folding Knife with Handmade Leather Pouch

Custom-made folding knives of various types, manufactured of various steels and with handles made of various materials are not uncommon. However, there are a few varieties of folding knives that are not just uncommon and expensive, but also pieces of art in their own right.

If you’re a knife collector, you’re probably aware that many knives have deer antler knife handles. Genuine deer antler folding knives are difficult to come by due to the scarcity of the material, which is a bodily component of an animal.

There has recently been a lot of government meddling, and the legal restrictions that have been placed on hunting have made it even more difficult to find.

At Perkin Knives, we offer the most genuine and exquisite custom-made folding knives with one-of-a-kind leather pouches. Our exclusive range of custom-made folding knives with leather pouches also comes with relatively rare and beautiful deer antler handles.


When it comes to folding knives, you can find them in numerous styles and even choose from a variety of exotic handle choices. One such handle choice that is not only unique, but extremely rare, is a handle made from deer antler, or horns. A folding knife with a deer antler handle is a thing of beauty.

While these knives might not be a commonly known type, they are exceptionally sought-after entities in the knife market. Due to the scarcity of the material, i.e. deer horns or antlers, legitimate deer antler folding knives are tough to obtain.

But rest assured, you can get custom-made, truly authentic, ethically sourced deer antler folding knives created by our master knife smiths at Perkin Knives, USA.


If you’re someone who understands the true value of artistic knives and has a working understanding of blades with aesthetic value, then you’ll appreciate the value of a pocket knife with a deer antler handle.

These knives are works of art created by the excellent craftsmanship of master knife makers. They are quite expensive and hard to find. The material utilized as a handle in these knives is usually sambar stag from India, but due to new rules that make killing this animal an illegal activity punishable by Indian law, these knives have become even more scarce.

However, if you want to acquire true deer antler pocket knives, check out our bespoke Damascus deer antler knife collection at Perkin Knives, USA.

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