Damascus Steel Swords

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A sword is a deadly weapon, and more than that, it’s a warrior’s pride. When it comes to a Damascus steel sword, it easily stands out from all other swords because of the flowing pattern on its sturdy blade. Such a sword, when wielded by expert hands, can even split a feather in midair. 

Perkin Knives, USA, has a vast variety of Damascus Steel Swords to fit a variety of tastes and demands. We offer our customers full tang swords in various sizes and styles, so there’s plenty to choose from.

What is a Damascus Sword?

Despite its 11th-century origins, the Damascus sword continues to be a popular weapon for hunting and survival excursions. After being tempered in a specific fluid, Damascus steel swords are said to gain mystical abilities. 

While in reality, we can’t say it has any magic, at the same time, its slicing abilities are nothing short of any magic trick. At Perkin Knives, our  Damascus steel swords feel amazingly sturdy and sharp due to the sheer experience of craftsmanship, technique, and technical skill.

Why are Damascus Swords Special?

Although times have changed, a Damascus steel sword continues to serve its owner in the same way that it did centuries ago. Damascus steel swords have a long and rich history of helping empires win numerous crucial wars and protecting their masters even when they are at their most vulnerable. 

Even in the most difficult situations, a high-quality Damascus blade is supposed to be strong and indestructible. A durable edge can be created on a Damascus sword if sharpened skillfully if you wish to exercise with a sharp blade. 

As a consumer, you should be aware that each Damascus sword produced by the master artisans at Perkin Knives is polished and sharpened by hand.

Buy Damascus Steel Sword in USA

Perkin Knives is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells Damascus steel swords all around the world, with our extensive presence in the United States and the UK. 

Our completely equipped production facility has everything required to acquire and process the best raw materials in order to produce the finest blades for swords, knives, daggers, and a variety of other magnificent goods. 

Furthermore, we have talented artisans on our team, in addition to the finest equipment and machines, who pay close attention to every aspect that goes into creating a work of genius. 

We only make the best Damascus steel swords. From guaranteeing sharp edges and handle grip to making blades resistant to rust and shattering, we evaluate and deliver everything that brings us closer to developing a perfect sword.

Perkin Knives serves customers from all around the United States and the world, as mentioned above. For orders within the United States, our shipping prices are minimal, and if your order value exceeds the specified minimum purchase price, you will not be charged for delivery. Your order will be delivered on schedule.