O1 Tool Steel Knives for Sale

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O1 Tool Steel knives are the ideal choice if you want a steel that will give your knives a superb edge while also being easy to mold and sharpen. Despite the lack of a wavy pattern, the O1 Tool Steel knives are nonetheless appealing to the eye due to their shine and streamlined form.

At Perkin Knives, we have a wide assortment of O1 Tool Steel knives that you can choose from. Our O1 Tool Steel Knives are available at sale prices on our website and all you need to do is find one that speaks to you. You can be assured of the quality of our knives and the expert workmanship that goes into them.

What is O1 Steel & How to Work With It?

Knives have been a vital part of our lives for hundreds of years. Throughout this time, numerous methods for forging knives have been developed, as well as numerous types of steel-making procedures. Traditional steel-making techniques such as Damascus and Wootz remain popular, but many novel inventions have emerged alongside them.

O1 Tool Steel is a more recent type of steel that has been a staple since the 1940s. If you need strong steel with good edge retention, o1 steel is a viable option. O1 steel is cold work steel, which is essentially high carbon steel and is one of the most popular knife steels.

Features of O1 Tool Steel Knives

O1 steel is a newer type of steel used in the production of blades and other items. It dates back to the 1940s and has gotten increasingly popular since then. This steel type has only its shine and lacks any pattern as is associated with other types of knife grade steel, such as Damascus steel, which has a lovely wavy pattern,

O1 steel is a strong type of steel used to make harsh items, including blades for knives and axes. It is a type of cold work steel that has eight additives and is classified as low alloy steel. Due to the robust hard material nature of this steel, knives made with it have excellent edge retention.

Take it from anyone who is even remotely interested in knives, and this steel will always receive high acclaim.


O1 Tool Steel is a robust, solid substance that has good edge retention. This indicates that knives created with O1 steel will be durable, have excellent sharp edges, and offer superb ease of sharpening. O1 Tool Steel knives are among the best in terms of quality and durability and will last you a long time.

At Perkin Knives, USA, you can rest assured to find the best in the segment O1 Tool Steel knives in various shapes and sizes. All you would need to do is check out our collection and pick one that suits your needs and appeals to your eyes.