French Knives

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A French knife needs no introduction because we are all very familiar with it. It’s a staple in every kitchen, the required companion of a Michelin-starred chef, and the most well-known knife in the family. A French knife, a chef’s knife, or whatever other name you want to call it, it’s just a must-have for everyone.

A French Knife is something that we use every day in our kitchens to cut vegetables or slice your favorite fruit for milkshakes. A french knife is an essential component of your cutlery set, without which you may be unable to accomplish many jobs in the kitchen effectively.

French Pocket Knife

You probably recall the compact, fast, and easy-to-carry pocket knives that previously belonged to someone in your family. If not them, you’ve probably seen them in a film or Television series scene where miscreants are attempting to rob or attack a character.

It’s the small, pocket=sized, split-second-opening knife that we’re talking about. Before, carrying a pocket knife was a custom, but nowadays, few individuals do so. In the United States, the French pocket knife is commonly found in every knife store. But none comes close to the exquisite quality offered by our french pocket blades at Perkin Knives. They come in a variety of styles, blades, lengths, and forms and are extremely useful. Check out our collection now.

Features of French Knives

French knives are a vital part of every kitchen, whether it’s a home kitchen or a kitchen at a hotel, a restaurant, a roadside eatery, or even food trucks. In other words, a French knife or a chef’s knife is an essential culinary tool.

The standard length and width of a French knife are 8 inches and 1.5 inches, while some can be as long as 14 inches. The French knife has a straight edge until it reaches the end of the blade and then curves towards its tip. Instead of being utilized for only one duty in the kitchen, modern French chef knives are designed to do justice to multiple roles.

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