Damascus Steel Scissors USA

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To make our scissors, Perkin Knives, USA, only uses high-quality Damascus steel. Damascus steel is utilized in a wide range of products, including culinary tools and jewelry. This is due to this steel’s attractiveness and toughness.

Because of its flexibility and strength, Damascus steel is used to make the world’s best scissors, whether they be hair-cutting scissors or anything else. Any of our Damascus steel scissors can be used as roughly as you want and yet still maintain their excellent shape.

As a result, it is a time and financial investment. We can certainly assist you if you need a new scissor or a complete set. Browse our collection now.

Handmade Steel Scissors

People are initially drawn to handcrafted Damascus steel scissors because they are beautiful, classic, high-quality, and extremely useful tools. Anyone who purchases a scissor expects it to remain sharp for a lengthy period.

When you choose one of our exquisitely handcrafted Damascus steel scissors with a slight ergonomically bent thumb, it will stay sharp for far longer than the majority of the standard quality scissors on the market. That’s not to say you’ll never need to sharpen your Damascus scissors, but you’ll be doing it much less frequently.

Features of Steel Scissors

Perkin Knives, USA, created these stunning handmade steel scissors for barbers, home, and outdoor use. These handcrafted scissors are manufactured from high-quality Damascus steel, giving them a distinct appearance.

It is created as a beautiful hair-cutting instrument for all types of hair and has an exceptional edge endurance. They come in 7-inch scissors shears with 3-inch blade lengths. Our Damascus steel scissors feature finger-size ring inserts, an extremely pure metal structure and are made using a folding and tempering process.