Scissor and Knife Sharpener 4 Stage Diamond, Carbide and Ceramic 6 in 1 Sharpener

4 stage scissor and knife sharpener – RM033
Diamond, carbide and ceramic 6 in 1 sharpener

Details Features:
1.Industrial-Grade super hard carbide, sharpens all dull knives in seconds
2.Powerful sharpening function- 4 stage slot in diamond, carbide and ceramic to meet coarse, medium and fine sharpening.
3.Transparent cover for daily dust proof and fashion.
4.The soft-touch and huge ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip.
5.Non-slip suction base ensures safe sharpening.
6. With a little brush, easy for sharpener cleaning.

Short Features:
1.Customized Super Hard Sharpening Blade
2.Multi-function of 6 in 1
3.Fashionable Transparent Cover
4.Huge Ergonomic Handle
5.Long Lasted Spraying
6.Non-slip Silicone Base
7.Brush for easy cleaning.

Using Instructions:

For Knives:
1. Place the knife sharpener on a stable surface when using.
2. According to the blunt knife, do as the following one, two or three steps:
Step 1: Coarse grinding for a blunt knife.Place the knife into the “coarse sharpen” slot, keep the knife in the middle of the slot and pull the knife along the blade from the tip to the heel slightly.
Step 2: Using Medium “fine sharpen”for knife maintenance. Please refer to the first step about using method.
Step 3: Fine honing: it is necessary step to burr on the knife after sharpening. Please refer to the step 1 about using method.
3. After Sharpening, use the brush to clean the burr on sharpener.
Tips: It is recommend to do it approximately once a week to keep the blade sharp at any time.

For Scissors:
The scissors slot features ceramic rods that are used to sharpen scissors.
1.Place the sharpener on a flat surface.
2.Hold the sharpener with one hand and the scissors in the other.
3.Insert the scissor blades into the slots on either side of the ceramic rod and push the scissors forwards and then close the scissors and pull them back out of the slot.

1.To avoid damaging the knife, please sharpen the knife slightly.
2. Do not put the sharpener in the dishwasher or submerge in water,
3. Please put the knife sharpener and knife beyond the reach of children to avoid any accidents.

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