O1 Tool Steel Knives for Sale

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What O1 Steel Is and How to Work With It

Knives have been a part of our lives since centuries. In all this time, many ways have been developed to forge a knife and many various kinds of steel making techniques have emerged. The ancient steel making techniques like Damascus and Wootz are still very much prevalent but along with them many newer developments have taken place and have become popular. O1 Tool Steel is a newer form of steel which has been in use since the 1940s. If you are looking for a steel variety which is tough and has a good edge retention, then o1 steel is a suitable choice for you. O1 steel is a cold work steel and is one of the most choicest of the steel variety for knives.

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O1 Tool Steel Knives Features

O1 steel is a newer form of steel that is employed in the forging of knives and other objects. Its origin traces back to the decade of 1940 and ever since it has become popular. Unlike damascus steel blades, which have a beautiful wavy pattern on them, this steel only has its lustre and no pattern. O1 steel is a tough form of steel and is meant for making rugged parts and of course knives. It is a low alloy steel as it contains eight additives and is considered to be a cold work steel. Knives made of this steel have superb edge retention due its tough hard material quality. You may take word from anyone who is a tad bit interested in knives, you will always get to har praise of this steel!


If you are looking for a kind of steel that will give your knives a perfect edge and is easy to form and sharpen, then O1 Tool Steel knives are the perfect choice for you. Although they are devoid of any wavy pattern on them like the damascus knives have, the O1 Tool Steel knives are still pretty enticing to look at owing to their lustre and sleek design. O1 Tool Steel is a hard material, it is tough which makes it a good edge retention steel form. This means that the knives made from this steel will be tough, will have good edges and also will be easier to sharpen. O1 Tool Steel knives are one of the best quality knives and will last long enough for you to use them.

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