French Knives

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Well, here we come! This one needs no introduction as we all are familiar with it completely. A common member in every house’s kitchen, the mandatory partner of a michelin star chef and the one which is the most familiar member of the knife family, the french knife or a chef’s knife or any other name you would want to give it. Yes, it is the same blade which you use daily to chop vegetables in your kitchen or slice your favourite fruit to make smoothies. A french knife is an important and compulsory constituent of your cutlery stand without which you may not be able to perform a lot of tasks in the kitchen perfectly.

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French Pocket Knife

Remember the small, quick and easy to carry pocket knives that once your dad must have owned? Or if not him, you must have seen them in scene in a movie or a TV show where a few burglars might be trying to rob the protagonist? Yes, you got it, that small, opening- in-a- second knife is the french pocket knife we are talking about here. Pocket knives used to be a tradition before although not many people carry them now! The french pocket knife can be found easily in any store selling knives in UK. They are available in many designs, blades, sizes and shapes and are very handy in use.

Features of French Knives

French knives are an essential occupant of a kitchen be it a normal kitchen or the kitchen of a five star hotel. You can’t really function properly without a french knife or a chef’s knife in the kitchen. The french knife is generally 8 inches long and around 1.5 inches wide although there are others which can be as long as 14 inches. The french knife is the one which has a edge that is straight till the end and then has a curve near the tip of the blade. Modern chef knives are designed to perform various tasks in the kitchen rather than just being used for one.

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