Ball Bearing Steel Knives UK

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When you are looking for the best knives for yourself, there are a lot of things which you must consider keeping in mind your requirement. Knives are available in a huge variety, with many different kinds of materials being used in their blades and handles. Some of them are rare and expensive, while others are easily available. Available amongst the various other varieties of steel is the ball bearing steel type which is used widely to make blades. 52100 steel type or the ball bearing steel is a rougher variant of steel which is used by many custom makers to make knives best suited for their customers.

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What is Ball Bearing Steel Knives?

Knives have been around us and have been a part of our lives since centuries. In all these years and decades, many techniques have evolved to get divergent varieties of steel, each having their own specific qualities so that better tools can be made. Therefore, greater the variety of steel, greater will be the types of knives! While damascus, wootz and other such steel forms are ancient, ball bearing steel is a newer variant. Many custom makers like Perkin knives make knives with ball bearing blades and having wooden handles. If you are getting your knife custom made, you may choose a different kind of handle material with your ball bearing knife.

Ball Bearing Steel Knives Features

Like any other steel knife, a ball bearing knife will have its distinctive features. If we compare it to the other knives, especially damascus steel knives, ball bearing steel blades have no wavy patterns on the blade, mainly because this steel does not undergo any laminating. Your knife with a blade made from ball bearing steel will be tough, will have good wear resistance and will have high edge stability as it has very fine carbides. Perkins provide with such a knife having a wooden handle and of 13.5 inches in length altogether. The hunting knife which Perkins, provide is an impeccable blade and you will love to have it in your kit.

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