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Dagger Knives USA

A dagger is a battle knife with a rather pointed end and typically two highly sharp edges. It is designed for thrusting or piercing. Dagger knives have been employed in close combat throughout human history, and many societies have used ornamented daggers in rituals and ceremonies.

Swords, knives, and daggers have been a part of people’s lives for millennia, from being the first tools ever made by early man to being aesthetic collectibles now and even being continuously used in our regular lifestyle.

Throughout this time, different methods, styles, and materials have been used for producing daggers. Some are creative, collaborative pieces with lovely carvings, while others are intended for everyday usage.

At Perkin Knives, we offer a wide range of combat dagger knives and double edge daggers at sale prices. At the same time, we guarantee that you will face no compromise on the quality of production. All our dagger knives are made from high-quality Damascus steel.

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