4 Skills That A Beginner Cook Should Master

4 Skills That A Beginner Cook Should Master

Cooking is also a form of art. Making delicious food is not that easy. Also, it gets easier with practise and patience. Although, if you are planning to shift and stay alone, then this is a skill that you should actually learn first. Everyone feels hungry and needs to eat out.

Always ordering take outs and eating out, can actually take a toll on your health. Thus, it is always safe to learn certain cooking skills so that you can cook and feed yourself.

Some of the cooking basics that you should learn from your mother or sister include:

  • Chopping an Onion

Well, you will require to do this in almost any recipe. Onion is an evident part in almost anything that you are cooking. From making pasta to lentil curry, you will find onions in all the recipes. Although, if you are cooking for the first time, onion can be a little difficult to cut.

It has layer and some of the layers need to be peeled properly, in order to cook. Using a Damascus kitchen knife can be really beneficial to you. Try practising with it and in some days, you will ace chopping an onion.  

  • Learn to Boil an Egg

Egg is the most healthy and easy breakfast to cook. If you are running late for work or college, this skill will surely be your saviour. It sounds simple to boil an egg but, runny yolk can make you feel lost. Always remember that, with eggs timing is everything.

You need to boil eggs based on how firm you want them to be. Although, always start cooking on room temperature so that they are not under-cooked. If you prefer your eggs softly boiled, then bring the water in the pan to boiling. Then lower the egg in the water gently and then cook for three to five minutes.

If you like hard boiled eggs, then add the eggs in a pan of cold water. Then, bring up the boil and cook for ten minutes. The longer you cook, the firmer your egg will be. Now, these are some tips that you will not know when cooking for the first time. So, try and set a timer.

  • Master Basic Knife Skills

After you are confident in chopping an onion, try your hand at other knife skills. If you love vegetables, then you have to learn chopping. Apart from that, these skills will come handy while shearing, scoring, fine slicing and more. You can practise all these skills with chef knives UK. They are really sturdy and comfortable to use.

  • Learn to Cook Rice

Well, this can be your dinner on most days. It is healthy and filling both. Well, cooking rice is easy, but again timing is everything here. If you do not have a slow cooker, then you will have to cook the rice in a pan. Make sure to soak your rice for 3-4 hours before cooking. Also, keep an eye on the rice while cooking. Check on it after every 10 minutes to see if it is cooked.


These were some of the basic skills that everyone should learn, if they do not want to end up eating out every day and spoil your health.